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The vape cartridge is loaded with a DMT liquid consisting of dissolved Dimethyltryptamine powder or crystal.

These vaporizer pens are tiny and inconspicuous, with enough dosages to last 100 short trips or 30 to 50 regular trips.

Our DMT vape carts have 1g of oil in them.

The battery is 350 mAh, 3.7v operation.

5 Clicks to turn the battery on/off.


Buy DMT Vape Pens

Buy DMT Vape Pens online from Lucid world smartshop.

Many partakers believe vaping DMT is a fabulous improvement on smoking it in bowls.

This new development in experiencing psychedelics and out-of-body effects of DMT vape pens.

Because of the convenience factor of the DMT vape pens, some might argue it has almost made the use of medicine all too casual.

For those who have found great enjoyment and positive experiences from it, the evolution of vaping is nothing but positive.

How to use DMT Vapes

Using DMR vapes is easy, but there are a few tricks to making the most of the experienc.

Especially for those who have not dived deeply into the fractal-driven world of smoking DMT.

If your cartridge doesn’t come with a battery, it is important to have a battery that burns on a high charge.

The DMT needs to burn hot to vape properly. A rule of thumb when looking for a hotter burning battery is the bulk factor.

More so, the super slim, lightweight batteries are the best options.

Shake it Up

Many users have reported that shaking the pen prior to vaping the DMT helps significantly.

Vigorously shaking the cartridge for about 30 seconds has proven time and again to be incredibly effective.

Upon interviewing our users, we heard a firsthand account further supporting this theory.

One user recounted a story where he used the first cartridge he purchased without first substantially shaking it.

For the first three-quarters of the cartridge, the vape experience was hit-or-miss.

However, once the cartridge was down to the last, the vape experience became almost too strong.

In fact, the drug was so strong that the client passed out.

He then chose to try it again after shaking and he had an awesome experience.

He came to the conclusion that this experience is possibly the result of vaping the concentrated product that was left at the bottom of the unshaken cartridge on his first trial.

So we encourage all our buyers to follow strictly the information on the box. Contact our live chat agent for more details on doges.

Set and Setting

The experience above is one example of why set and setting are important.

Check out our guide on how to use Psychedelic products for more information on how to navigate a psychedelic DMT experience safely.

DMT should only be inhaled in a comfortable, safe environment. Preferably no background noise, no talking, just stillness, and silence. We advise users to listen to music in the process.

Check out our blog for Psychedelic ceremonies.

These occasions have grown in popularity and attract many people worldwide.

Contact info@lucidworld.net for more information.

These ceremonies are beneficial for growth in one’s personal life, including relationships.

LWP ceremonies are organized underground and members are invited to join by following the instructions on our blog post.

This product can be used recreationally and also for spiritual and emotional healing.


“Safety first” is the rule when it comes to psychedelics. DMT vape pens are powerful and should be handled with extreme care.

This is especially important when considering how easily one could be mistaken for cannabis or tobacco, if in the wrong hands.

Always keep your pack in a place where no one can access it without knowing exactly what they are getting themselves into.

Keep your DMT cartridge separate from any other substances.

It is advised that you vape sitting down, with the option to lie down if necessary.

D M T has overwhelming effects. Prepare yourself properly, in order to avoid falling or hitting your head.

How to vaporizers with dmt

  1. Shake Pen
  2. Exhale all of your air
  3. Inhale a large hit from the DMT pen
  4. Hold in the hit (the longer the better)
  5. Exhale

For first-time users who aren’t familiar with its effects, the vape is hit immediately after exhaling so we suggest the user lay down to achieve a peak experience.

If, after shaking the pen and inhaling twice in a row, you still don’t reach the pinnacle level of a DMT high.

Also, it is likely you purchased your dmt cartridge from a source that cuts it too much with a blending agent.

When this happens, you will still experience visuals and a plethora of fractals but you will not reach the out-of-body experience that should come with inhaling it’s smoke.

As with all psychedelics, it is worth acknowledging the important benefits that can come from setting an intention before use.

D M T is a powerful substance found in ayahuasca medicine.

In many cultures, DMT is used to move between worlds and realms and to connect with spirits.

Setting an intention before using this powerful substance is a positive and worthwhile act.

Price of Dmt online

2 in 1 Deadhead chemist dmt cost $400 (-20% Discount)

DMT NN .5ML  – (PUFF BOYZ DMT) cost $185/piece.


10 reviews for Buy DMT Vape Pens

  1. Psychedelic House

    Vape pens produce vapor rather than smoke, potentially reducing the impact of secondhand exposure to harmful substances.

  2. Jax

    These Vape pens are portable and easy to use, allowing for convenient vaping on the go.

  3. Xa5439

    For some individuals, vape pens have served as a tool to transition away from traditional smoking, potentially leading to improved health outcomes.
    Vaping is my fav method of consuming dmt

  4. Psychedelic House

    Neurotransmitter Modulation: DMT is believed to modulate neurotransmitter systems in the brain, potentially positively impacting mood, perception, and cognition, leading to positive mental and emotional states.

  5. Gin

    great dmt vape pen. the battery is durable

  6. Rick

    Controlled Dosing: this Vape pens allow for more controlled and precise dosing of dmt compared to other methods of consumption.

  7. Psychedelic House

    Relaxation and Stress Relief: Some users find that vaping can provide a relaxing and stress-relieving experience, contributing to overall well-being.

  8. Andrea

    The vape cartridge is loaded with a DMT liquid consisting of dissolved Dimethyltryptamine powder or crystal.

    the experience is epic

  9. Robert

    dmt Vape pens produce less odor compared to traditional smoking methods, offering a more discreet option.

  10. Finley

    Flavor Options: Vape pens offer a wide range of flavor options, providing an enjoyable and varied vaping experience.

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