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Psychedelic medicine is used for psychotherapeutic treatments.

Try out Lucid World Psychedelics herbs like the ayahuasca and ibogaine plant are known to treat depression, anxiety, and most psychotic disorders.

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Psychedelic medicine has been implicated in the treatment of addiction, anxiety, major depressive disorder.

Post-traumatic stress disorder, and end-of-life care among others—typically complex and difficult-to-treat conditions.

One of the most promising agents is psilocybin, a compound produced by more than 200 species of fungi.

There are side effects from psychedelic medicine that go beyond a bad trip. LSD, mescaline, and DMT,

which is the active ingredient in ayahuasca tea, can increase blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Ayahuasca tea can also induce vomiting. LSD can cause tremors, numbness, and weakness.

While the use of mescaline can lead to uncoordinated movements.

People hunting for psychedelic mushrooms can easily mistake a toxic species for one with psilocybin, “leading to unintentional, fatal poisoning.”

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