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DMT .5ml Purecybin is a hallucinogen found in several plants and toad species. It makes Purecybin 5-Meo-DMT 05ml/150mg a rare and potent form of DMT.


Experience transcendence with Purecybin DMT cartridges – Elevate your consciousness today!

Purecybin is a renowned brand based in Canada, specializing in the production of premium quality psychedelic products. At the forefront of our offerings are the Purecybin DMT cartridges, designed to provide users with transformative psychedelic experiences.

DMT cartridges are designed to deliver the potent effects of this Psychedelic substance in a convenient and efficient manner.
These cartridges contain concentrated doses of DMT that can induce intense, short-lived psychedelic experiences characterized by vivid visuals, altered perceptions, and profound insights.

Spirit Molecule DMT Cartridge

Experience the essence of “the spirit molecule” with our Purecybin DMT cartridges, extracted from Brazilian Mimosa hostilis root bark.

These cartridges offer users a gateway to profound introspection, vivid visuals, and altered states of consciousness that can lead to spiritual revelations and deep insights.

God Molecule DMT Cartridge

Delve into the realms of the divine with Purecybin 5-MeO-DMT “the god molecule” cartridges.

These vape cartridges contain the potent compound 5-MeO-DMT.

5-meo-dmt records intense psychoactive effects that can transcend the boundaries of ordinary reality and offer users a glimpse into the infinite.

5-MeO-DMT Cartridge

Purecybin 5-MeO-DMT cartridges provides users with an alternative psychedelic experience that can induce powerful transformative effects on perception, consciousness, and spiritual awareness.

Purecybin DMT: Spirit Molecule vs God Molecule cartridges

Kinds of DMT
“The Spirit Molecule” DMT: Derived from Brazilian Mimosa hostilis root bark, this form of DMT is often associated with introspection, spiritual exploration, and deep insights into the nature of consciousness.

Meanwhile “The God Molecule” DMT vape cartridge contains 5-MeO-DMT, a powerful psychedelic compound known for its transformative effects on perception, consciousness, and spiritual awareness.

This form of DMT is revered for its ability to induce profound ego dissolution and connection to the divine.

Both offer intense psychedelic experiences.
Can lead to vivid visual and auditory hallucinations.
Known for inducing altered perceptions of time, space, and reality.
Have the potential to facilitate spiritual or mystical insights.

Differences Between The Spirit and  The God Molecule DMT Cartridges

“The Spirit Molecule” cartridges contains extracts of Mimosa hostilis root bark, while “The God Molecule” contains 5-MeO-DMT.
Also, “The Spirit Molecule” focus more on introspection and spiritual exploration, while “The God Molecule” is renowned for its intense transformative effects and ego dissolution.
5-MeO-DMT is remarkable for its potent psychoactive properties that can lead to profound experiences of unity and interconnectedness.

Purecybin DMT Dosage Recommendations:
.5ml (150mg) Cartridge: Suitable for users seeking a moderate psychedelic experience with introspective insights and visual enhancements.
1ml (300mg) Cartridge: Recommended for experienced users looking for a deeper, more immersive journey into the realms of consciousness and spirituality.
When using Purecybin DMT cartridges, it is essential to start with a lower dosage and gradually increase as needed to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.
Users are advised to create a comfortable setting, practice harm reduction techniques, and be in a positive mindset before embarking on their DMT journey with Purecybin cartridges.

Why Choose Purecybin DMT Cartridges?

  • Premium quality psychedelic products
  • Extracted from high-quality botanical sources
  • Available in .5ml (150mg) and 1ml (300mg) size options
  • Compatible with 510 thread cartridges for convenient use

Benefits and Effects of DMT

DMT has the potential in alleviating symptoms of mood disorders such as depression and anxiety.
Users often report profound realizations and insights into the nature of existence and consciousness.
In addition, DMT can induce vivid visual and auditory hallucinations, creating immersive sensory experiences.
Users may feel a sense of detachment from their physical bodies, leading to experiences of ego dissolution and connection to a higher reality.

Purecybin DMT cartridges offer a unique opportunity for users to explore the depths of their consciousness, unlock spiritual insights, and embark on transformative journeys within the realms of psychedelia.

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