FunGuy Chocolate Bar for psychedelics ceremonies
Fun Guy Chocolate Bar for psychedelics ceremonies

FunGuy Chocolate Bars

FunGuy Chocolate bars

  • Funguy Chocolate Bar is an American-based mushroom chocolate brand that aims to reinvent the beauty and taste of mushrooms.
  • Top-quality Belgian chocolate with an infusion with of magic mushrooms.
  • These shroom bars to be perfect for Psychedelic parties and gatherings.
  • More so, they don’t have high hallucinogenic effects and are focused on harnessing the ancient pairing of fungi and cacao.
  • Psilocybin provides various benefits including a mind-altering impact and a feeling of euphoria.

FunGuy Chocolate Bars flavors

Mocha Truffles

  • Mocha truffles are a delicious treat with a rich chocolate flavor and a kick of freshly brewed coffee.
  • They have a dense and creamy texture, similar to classic chocolate truffles.
  • Ingredients typically include semisweet chocolate chips, cream cheese, instant coffee granules, and more.
  • These bars are perfect for coffee lovers and make a great edible gift.
  • You can find various recipes online to make your own mocha truffles at home.

Dark Chocolate

  • The dark chocolate variant combines the rich taste of Callebaut Belgian dark chocolate with the goodness of magic mushrooms.
  • These chocolate bars are fortified with ground mushrooms, providing a unique flavor profile.
  • Fun Guy  brand aim to reinvent the beauty and taste of mushrooms, offering a delightful and enjoyable experience.
  • They do not have hallucinogenic effects and focus on the ancient pairing of fungi and cacao for it’s numerous benefits.

Mint Chocolate Crunch

Mint Chocolate Crunch bars are the tastiest way to enjoy magic mushrooms psilocybin.

Especially if you’re unsure about the shrooms taste.

Our minty and crunchy texture will leave you wanting more. 1 or more piece creates a more strong visual and sound experience, high laughter, and slightly aphrodisiac.

For Psychonuts with high experience only.

Recommended dosage: Start with 1 piece and wait up to an hour for the effects to kick in, or to increase dosage.

5000mg, Mushroom Chocolates



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