PolkaDot Milk Couverture Chocolate



Polkadot Milk Couverture

Polkadot milk couverture is the trendiest of the Belgian White chocolate series from this brand.

Introducing the newest and most enchanting flavor.

Made with premium quality cocoa, this milk chocolate is infused with the rich and earthy flavors of very potent psychedelic mushrooms.

Each bite of this velvety smooth shroom bar is an adventure for your taste buds.

As the subtle hints of mushroom blend seamlessly with the creamy milk chocolate.

The playful logo pattern on the chocolate adds an element of whimsy to this already delightful treat.

In addition, Milk Couverture is perfect for those who crave something unique and unforgettable.

It’s an excellent ingredient for baking, confectionery making, and even as a standalone indulgence.

This chocolate is sure to leave a lasting impression on your palate.

Treat yourself or your loved ones to the magic of Polka dot with the Milk Couverture flavor.

Magic mushroom Belgian chocolate bar

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