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Order  a pack of mr mushies chocolate bars mixed flavors.

Our carefully packed treats comes with a variety of flavors.

The mushies chocolate mix flavor pack typically refers to a variety pack of Psilocybin chocolates that come in different flavors.

These packs are designed to offer a selection of flavors for consumers to enjoy.

Popular flavors include the strawberry shortcake, ube donut, mango gelato etc


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Buy Mr Mushies mushroom chocolate mix flavors

If you’re an adventurous Psychonut seeking a unique and enchanting culinary experience, look no further than Mr mushies  chocolate mushroom bars.

This extraordinary creation brings together the earthy richness of mushrooms and the velvety decadence of chocolate, resulting in a tantalizing treat that captivates the senses.

A Marriage of Earthy and Sweet

Mr mushies chocolate is a testament to the harmonious blend of flavors and the art of culinary innovation. Each delectable piece combines the deep, umami undertones of specially selected mushrooms with the smooth, luxurious notes of high-quality chocolate.

The result is a symphony of taste that surprises and delights with every bite.

The Elegance of Craftsmanship

Crafted with precision and care, every Mr mushies creation embodies the dedication to quality and excellence.

The mushrooms are expertly infused into the chocolate, ensuring a seamless integration of flavors that elevates the entire tasting experience.

More so, the result is a product that reflects the artistry and expertise of its creators.

The brand take pride in sourcing the finest ingredients from nature’s bounty.

Their mushrooms are carefully selected for their unique characteristics, bringing a depth of flavor and a touch of the natural world to our chocolate creations.

We are committed to sustainability and ethical practices, making conscious choices that honor the environment and the communities involved in our supply chain.

Mr Mushies Bar

Mr Mushies chocolates are the simplest and most delicious method to eat psilocybin mushrooms, especially if you’re not sure how dried magic mushrooms taste. Mr.Mushies Chocolate and magic mushrooms are an unbeatable combination. Allowing you to enjoy wonderful flavors while munching on your shrooms.

Divided into little pieces for easy micro-dosing. You can dose yourself by following the dosage guide on the package’s side. As one of the world’s healthiest and oldest natural medicines, bars are ideal for both conscious microdosing and an all-out elevated experience; it all depends on how you choose to eat.

Health advantages of Mr Mushies Chocolate Bar

There are numerous health benefits of psilocybin, including its capacity to treat PTSD, depression, and substance addiction to drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol. Psilocin from Psychedelic mushrooms is one of the safest and oldest medications on the world, and it has been known to reduce depression, stress, stimulate brain cell growth, depression, boost attention, and sharpen your senses.

What makes Mr Mushies Mushroom chocolate bar perfect

You may expect a tremendous high with laser-sharp focus when you consume our Dark chocolate bar. You will also find yourself grinning from ear to ear as you experience genuine euphoria.

Higher doses will result in exciting visuals, severe despair, and time distortion. During the countdown, you will be dropped back into reality on a cloud bed. Think of a real peace that is always washing over you.

Why should you purchase a Mr Mushies mushroom chocolate bar

Mr.Mushies bars contain active ingredients found in magic mushrooms. It tastes exactly like regular chocolate, but it can boost your mood for hours.

Mushies chocolate bar is an ideal gift for every occasion. Because it is made from magic mushrooms, it has a unique flavor that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

Mr mushies chocolate bar flavors

Whether you savor it as a personal indulgence or share it with friends and family, each moment spent with this exceptional treat promises to be extraordinary.

More so, the complexity of flavors and the intriguing combination of ingredients open new horizons for chocolate enthusiasts and culinary connoisseurs alike.

If you’re eager to experience the magic of  mr mushies, you can find our creations at select gourmet food stores and through our online platform. Visit our website to explore our range of chocolate varieties and embark on a journey of discovery through the world of mushroom-infused chocolate.

In a world ofmicro-dosing wonders,, mr mushies chocolate bars stands out as a testament to innovation and creativity. Embrace the extraordinary and treat yourself to the enchanting fusion of mushrooms and chocolate.

It’s a sensory adventure waiting to unfold, inviting you to savor the unexpected and relish the delightful.

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