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Microdosing 101: A Comprehensive Guide to Deadhead Chemist 1P-LSD

Please note: This guide has been developed to assist you in the safe and legal use of this substance.

LSD is illegal in most regions, and we do not endorse the use of this substance in such areas. For individuals who choose to use this substance, we offer a complete guide to ensure the safety of all users.

What is 1P-LSD?
1P-LSD, also known as 1-Propionyl-Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, is a psychedelic substance that enables users to experience a desired trip.

When using this substance, microdosing is recommended to avoid potentially harmful effects such as hallucinations.

The suggested microdose amount to initiate a trip without causing adverse effects is approximately 5-10 mL.

How to Use 1P-LSD
Thoroughly shake the mixture and store it in a refrigerator for 24 hours before use. Ensure that the temperature of the refrigerator is regulated to prevent the mixture from freezing. Shake well before use.

Benefits of Deadhead Chemist 1P-LSD Microdose
Aids in treating depression and other anxiety conditions.
Enhances blood flow to the brain, thereby improving brain functions.
Helps alleviate sexually related issues, such as enhancing sex drive.
Has been reported to enhance creativity and cognitive functions.
Increases empathy.
Boosts self-confidence and improves self-esteem.
It potentially enhances healthy human relationships.

How to Microdose with 1P-LSD
Microdosing involves consuming small doses of a psychedelic drug. A microdose does not cause a significant departure from reality.

Propionyl-lysergic acid diethylamide (1P-LSD) is arguably somewhat less potent when compared with LSD.

However, this cannot be used to ascertain 1P-LSD’s potency in humans, and many believe that 1P-LSD and LSD possess similar subjective potency.

Practically, it may be necessary to adjust the dosage of 1P-LSD to achieve the desired effects.

One user who shared their personal experience with Jim Fadiman recommends an initial dosage of 15 micrograms, which can be adjusted as desired to achieve your own ‘sub-intuitive’ level.

Typically, each square tab of available LSD or 1P-LSD contains 100-125 micrograms. The tab is often divided into smaller quantities, usually in powdery, pelleted forms, or liquid suspensions.

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