Wavy Bar Mushroom Chocolate

Wavy Bar Mushroom Chocolate.

Our Wavy Bar mushroom Chocolates are basically made up of Ancient Taoist herbs, rice bran solubles, Rose petals, and either the Reishi mushroom, Chaga mushroom, or the lion’s mane mushroom.

We make it our priority to provide the public with only the best wavy bar mushroom chocolates.

Some of the things that are excluded from these healthy shroom chocolate bars include processed sugar, nuts, dairy, wheat, eggs, and soy which are not too healthy for our bodies.

In the Psilocybin Chocolate product assortment, the wavy bars have been created for energy enhancement and immunity. This makes the Wavybar boast a high-quality superfood that boosts health and won’t spike one’s blood sugar.

Wavy Bar mushroom chocolate