One up mushrooms chocolate bars

One up chocolate bars are a new psychedelic shrooms chocolate that is taking the world by storm.

It got its name from the super mario bros games. This one-up mushroom bar combines the best of chocolates with the powerful psychedelic trips of magic mushrooms.

Created by the one-up brand, these shroom bars are sold through official resellers. Shop Psilocybin chocolates from lucidworld an authorized dealer of Psychedelics.

One up mushroom chocolate flavors

Here at Lucidworld we don’t only set out to provide the perfect Psilocybin chocolates but also a chocolate flavor for every customer.

We were able to create a variety of flavors. These different one up mushroom chocolate bar flavors include:

  • Milk Chocolate
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Pineapple
  • Strawberries and cream
  • Watermelon
  • Grapes

One up psilocybin mushroom bars

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A crave-worthy chocolate that will help you triumph over your day. Each wealthy dark chocolate bar has our famous Mushroom Blend in it. This Limited Edition batch is the sweetest manner to revel in the benefits of the pinnacle 10 purposeful mushrooms.

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One up mushrooms chocolate bars